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Francesca Goode is a successful New York banker who goes from being a Boss to being Broke overnight after the feds freeze all her assets when she"s wrongfully blamed for unethical banking practices. She"s forced to give up her hard-earned, lavish lifestyle and move back home to her humble beginnings with her uniquely hilarious, Southern family that she thought she ditched and left behind in a small town in Georgia. However, it"s here that she will rediscover her self-worth, an old love, and the true meaning of family.

欧美最新电影向往的生活Tamika  Miller  执导。豆角网影院网为广大网友收集了2019年由Julian Brittano  西尔·布罗迪  伦敦·布朗  查尔斯·L·坎贝尔  等领衔主演的向往的生活在线观看,豆角网影院网63du.com还支持手机看免费高清版向往的生活,非常方便,希望大家喜欢。


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